Restructuring and development of coastal communities

Where we establish ourselves, we develop communities by investing in local facilities and creating highly qualified jobs.

Example: A new vision for Grimsby

Grimsby, on the east coast of England, was once the world's largest fishing port, but experienced the effects of post - industrial decline when the city's base economy declined. In collaboration with the wind power industry, the coastal city has developed a new vision with a focus on offshore wind power.

Since we opened our office in Grimsby Harbor in 2014, our investments, including £ 10 million for an expansion of our operation and maintenance facility (East Coast Hub), have helped breathe new life into the harbor. The award-winning facility, built by local company Hobson and Porter, currently employs over 370 people. These are long-term, highly qualified jobs that will be needed during the 25-year life of our wind farms.

Feel free to watch the video to hear more about how offshore wind power helps to develop Grimsby through sustainable, green growth that will continue for many years.


We give something from ourselves

Ørsted has established itself in the coastal communities in which it operates. Since we opened our office in Grimsby Harbor in 2014, our investments, including the development of our £ 10 million East Coast Hub Operations and Maintenance Center, have helped breathe new life into the coast. Our facility was built by the local Hobson and Porter company and currently has over 370 employees. We have created new jobs requiring high qualifications that will be needed for many years.

Developing a competitive local supply chain

We are committed to developing competitive local supply chains that not only build, operate and maintain local wind farms, but also impact other markets in which we operate. Ørsted works closely with local companies to implement significant infrastructure projects, thus helping to generate regional economic development.


Opportunity for coastal residents

Offshore wind energy creates well-paid, sustainable, skilled jobs in coastal communities, inspiring young people in these areas and raising their aspirations. By 2030, offshore wind could directly provide more than 27,000 jobs and much more along the entire supply chain. In the UK, Ørsted promotes careers in science, technology, engineering and math and works with national and regional training and education organizations to develop our future employees. For example, we partnered with the Grimsby Institute in Grimsby and Furness College in Barrow-in-Furness to provide a three-year internship program for wind turbine technicians. We also support charities such as Teach First.

A positive impact on the community

We want to have a positive and lasting impact on the communities in which we operate. We pride ourselves on supporting local social and environmental projects through our community funded funds, which in the UK provide around £ 1.3 million each year to delivering quality projects in the regions where we operate.


Let´s create a world that runs entirely on green energy

We need to fight climate change to protect our shared-home