Japan’s Ministry of Environment selects Ørsted video as environmental education best practice

Ørsted Japan, a leading offshore wind power generation company, has been selected as one of the winners of the governmental award ‘Top 100 Videos on Environmental Education and ESD Practice’ sponsored by the Environmental Education Promotion Office, General Policy Division, Minister's Secretariat, the Ministry of the Environment.
Ørsted’s video showcases an environmental education class for students aged 13-15 years at Omagari Minami Junior High School in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture from April 2023. The video shows how students deepened their learnings about biodiversity and Sustainable Development Goals, through card games and virtual reality (VR) experiences of Ørsted’s offshore wind facilities. It features Ørsted Japan's Lead Sustainability and Consent Manager, Ken Okumura and the Conference of Earth Environment from Akita (CEEA) Director and Secretary General, Mariko Fukuoka. 

Judges’ comments on the selected video highlighted that Ørsted Japan’s educational program maximizes the constructive collaboration between NGOs/NPOs and businesses, and is unique in its use of VR and card games as a tool to experience offshore wind farms and learn about the richness and importance of the ocean. 

Ørsted will continue to introduce its contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals and biodiversity, as well as convey the significance of coexistence between renewable energy and nature to young generations. 

Comment from Henriette Holm, Country Manager, Ørsted Japan 
"At Ørsted, we are delighted to showcase our collaboration with local organizations to create an educational initiative which benefits the community. We intend to continue our regional activities with communities and stakeholders where we have offshore wind development activities in Japan, and to introduce our efforts and contribution to sustainability and biodiversity." 

Comment from Mariko Fukuoka, Director and Secretary General of CEEA
"I am honoured to convey the importance of environmental education through the videos together with Ørsted, who have supported our organization from concept planning to execution of the environmental education class. Our organization will continue our environmental education activities, starting from Akita Prefecture, focusing on topics concerning renewable energy which is essential for fighting climate change, and the marine ecosystem of Akita.” 

Comment from Satoshi Shimada, Principal of Omagari Minami Junior High School
"I am pleased to see after the environmental class, the students have actively continued learning about the significance of renewable energy in society, through visiting power generation facilities in Akita prefecture and companies such as Ørsted as part of their school study tour." 

Watch the video (2 minutes) here:

(1) ESD:Education for Sustainable Development 

Award ceremony
About CEEA (Conference of Earth Environment from Akita) 
CEEA’s ambition is to become a platform for building a sustainable recycling-oriented society by promoting activities that contribute to the prevention of global warming and global environmental conservation in the region, conducting business in cooperation with other organizations, and promoting information collection and dissemination, technical support, environmental education, and conservation activities to make such activities more effective. CEEA has four pillars: environmental education, environmental conservation, climate change countermeasures, and the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals. CEEA works in cooperation with various stakeholders throughout Akita Prefecture, as well as in Malaysia, Thailand, and Kiribati. 
CEEA website http://www.ceeakita.org/ 
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